Into the Depths VI: Return to the H.E.L.M.

Zavala: [sighs] Relying on Savathûn. This is what it's come to.

Lord Saladin: Tell me you're not serious?

Zavala: I am. Ahsa has given us a way to follow the Witness.

Saint-14: This cannot be the only way.

Zavala: Everyone in this room understands the risks. But we finally have a path forward; we can't wait for another.

Lord Saladin: The Empress won't take kindly to this news.

Zavala: You stand on her council. Convince her.

Saint-14: I cannot watch the Witch Queen rise again, Zavala—to scheme against us, to steal another face? No!

Zavala: She won't be given the opportunity. Eris and Ikora will keep the situation under our control.

Lord Saladin: Immaru isn't one to be baited into a trap.

Zavala: Not a trap. A bargain. We're all against the Witness. Savathûn's Ghost has no choice but to cooperate.

Lord Saladin: I'll convey your decision and assurances to the Empress. Commander. Guardians.

Saint-14: We tried to control the Witch Queen before. I saw how that ended, Zavala. It is a treacherous path. When she strays, as I know she will… even one claw…

Zavala: My fist will be right behind yours.

Saint-14: I hope I am wrong. But right now… I cannot see how. Osiris will hear of this. I imagine he will have words too.

Zavala: There's a long night ahead of us. Let's be the beacons others need to follow… at least until we make it through this.

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