Invitation of the Nine - Mystery and Potential (Visit 1)

The Derelict

The Guardian jumps through the portal in the Derelict.

The Haul, The Derelict

A large form of the Emissary appears before the Guardian.

The Emissary: We stand at the precipice of history. What you do here changes the cosmic balance forever. You have made allies of dangerous beings. Gods and god pretenders. How long before your company involves you in something you can't come back from? Those I serve have so much to learn from you. You are their greatest curiosity. The agent on whom all fates converge. The Dredgen presents a special prize to the Nine. He is an anomaly. An elemental balance. A grand experiment. We remember his Trial.

The Guardian experiences a vision of the Drifter's Derelict without its Haul trailing behind it. Inside, the Drifter plays a game of cards with a Shadow of Yor.

The Shadow: It's about time someone taught you respect, little man.

Drifter: [laughs] Someone like you? I know you all keep tabs on me.

The Shadow: Yeah. You been strayin'. You don't even use his name no more.

The Shadow throws a card on the table.

Drifter: Well, that's why I'm still breathing, brother. Gambit is a chance at salvation. Take it.

The Drifter places a card on the table, winning the game. The Shadow stands up in anger and points his Thorn at the Drifter. The Drifter holds up his hands in surrender.

The Shadow: You were always so afraid Shin would get you. Sorry, old friend.

The Drifter points to his right hand with his left. With a flick of his wrist, a Mote of Dark appears in his hand. He points in the direction behind the Shadow.

Drifter: Behind you.

The Shadow turns around to see a Taken Captain appear behind him. The Taken Captain attacks the Shadow, sending him flying over the nearby railing.

The Shadow: [screams]

Drifter: [laughs]

The Taken Captain approaches the Drifter.

Drifter: Whoa, boy. Easy. Easy now…

The Taken Captain roars and reaches out towards the Drifter. The Drifter recoils. The Taken Captain is suddenly sucked into a portal and disappears. The Emissary appears in the place of the Taken Captain.

The Emissary: Dredgen.

Drifter: Nah, not anymore. It's Drifter now.

The Emissary: You have proven yourself worthy. Accept this gift from the Nine.

Drifter: A gift?

The Derelict suddenly starts shaking.

Drifter: What gift?

The vision ends with a view of the Derelict with the Haul now behind it. The Guardian is back in the presence of the large form of the Emissary.

The Emissary: Only two others have transcended their design. The first, an hourglass counting down with infinite patience. The second, a forgotten blade sharpened anew. And now, the Dredgen. Visit us again. We wish for you to understand what we understand. For now, it is my purpose to speak to you and you alone… but only if you remain worthy.

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