King of the Mountain

Old Russia, Earth

Saladin: In the years after the Collapse, the world had no Guardians. It had only Iron Lords. Immortal, fearless. We fought to protect the survivors of a once-great age. Our battle was about more than crawling back from the shadows. The Iron Lords would give humanity back its future.

Jolder closes the door to SIVA chamber, trapping Saladin on the outside.

Saladin: Some know the legend. But no one truly knows how the Iron Lords died their final deaths. That was something you had to be there for. To witness. To remember. To know even heroes can die. And survival is not always a victory. Now I am the lone sentry. And my watch is eternal. Waiting for the day when whatever we disturbed awakens. The Iron Lords are gone. But our fight is far from over.

Ghost: The House of Devils is back. And they're digging into Golden Age research labs all across the system. This isn't a simple smash and grab. They're on a mission. At first, the Vanguard wasn't particularly concerned. At least, not until the Devils decided to move back into the Cosmodrome. Now the Devils are shifting a massive amount of resources to an area nearby that's been dark for centuries. Normally, I'd say it's just another day. Except what's really got everyone talking is that Lord Saladin has left his post at the Iron Banner to take charge of the situation personally. Only rather than go straight to the Cosmodrome, Saladin wants us to investigate an abandoned observatory in the mountains. Very strange.

Felwinter Peak, Old Russia, Earth

Saladin: A group of Fallen has captured Felwinter Peak. My team and I are en route, but we won't get there in time. I need you to secure the observatory at the top. It is imperative the Fallen do not establish a foothold on that mountain.

Saladin: If the Fallen are working their way up the mountain, their goal is to take Vostok Observatory.

Ghost: What would the Fallen want in an abandoned outpost?

Saladin: Things better left buried. There's a gondola near your location. Take it up to the observatory.

Ghost hacks into gondola

Ghost: Whoa. This hasn't been activated for more than 400 years. With this sort of reception, it might be a touch ambitious to think we can secure the entire observatory.

Gondola begins to ascend the mountain

Saladin: There's a courtyard in the rear of the facility. If you can secure that, you should be able to keep them from the Iron Temple until we arrive.

Ghost: Wait, Iron Temple? Like Iron Banner? Iron Lords?

Saladin: Stay focused. There's too much at stake.

Ghost: Watch out!

Fallen appear on the mountain

Ghost: I think there's more of them!

Ghost: I don't think I like this little metal box anymore.

Fallen ketch fires on gondola

Ghost: We can't take another hit like that! Jump!

Guardian jumps out of gondola onto the mountain

Ghost: I don't understand. If there's something so important up there, why wasn't the Vanguard protecting the temple all these years?

Saladin: This place and its secrets are my responsibility.

Ghost: You know, this is more than a few Fallen. Just for the record.

Saladin: We cannot afford even one to claim what lies on that mountain.

Ghost: Be careful. Picking up something nearby.

Fallen attack

Ghost: Servitor! Wait... Sepiks Prime?! It's supposed to be dead! And there's something odd in the energy signature. It's not Fallen, but it's regenerating.

Saladin: Did you say it's regenerating? Kill Sepiks, Guardian. Kill it now!

Saladin: If that's what I think it is, the temple doors will not be strong enough to hold it back. You must destroy it before that happens!

Saladin: Do not let Sepiks enter that temple! Detecting reinforcements approaching your coordinates.

Saladin: You must hold the mountain, Guardian!

Sepiks Prime is destroyed

Ghost: All this trouble to break into an old temple?

Saladin arrives and kills two Fallen

Saladin: Even old wolves still bite. Shiro, what's your status?

Shiro-4: Circling around to make sure the area's clear. Be there in a sec...

Saladin: Well done, Guardian. The temple is secure, now we can—

Sepiks Prime rises again and runs away

Saladin: Shiro! Get a lock on him!

Shiro-4: I just picked up — wait! Multiple impacts near the wall in Sector 17!

Saladin: They're attacking the sensor grid. They must know where SIVA is! Guardian, go to the Cosmodrome immediately! If Sepiks escapes, the Fallen won't be our only problem!

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