Depth Reception III: Drifter and Saladin

Drifter: Saladin Forge! To what do I owe the pleasure?

Lord Saladin: Just thinking about the "bad old days," like you said… and that bar you used to tend, at the base of Felwinter Peak. You went by "Wu Ming," as I recall. Made some coin selling drinks to the Iron Lords… then spent it hiring them to do jobs on the side. Remember all of that?

Drifter: Yeah, I remember. You left out the part where you threatened to burn it down.

Lord Saladin: Maybe I should have. I never asked you why you ran that little operation. What did you stand to gain?

Drifter: With how your pack of wolves tipped their bartender? Not much! That place never got too busy, but… I had my regulars, and they all had their problems. Some of 'em just weren't that easy to see from on top of a mountain. Maybe I wanted to call them to your attention.

Lord Saladin: Ah. So you had a better perspective?

Drifter: Not better. Just different.

Lord Saladin: Hmm. I suppose I can see the value in that.

Drifter: Everything's got value, old Wolf. You just gotta know where to look.

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