Memory of Sai Mota

Sanctuary, The Moon

The guardian goes through the portal near where Eris Morn is usually located.

Enduring Abyss, The Moon

The Guardian finds Eris Morn speaking to the phantoms near her.

Eris Morn: Please! Leave me alone… No, wait! Don't leave. I don't… I need you.

Eris Morn falls to her knees. The Guardian approaches Eris and gives her Sai Mota's repaired necklace.

Sai Mota’s Repaired Necklace

Ghost: Eris, we found something that we believe should be yours.

Eris Morn: It's Sai's necklace. I'd recognize her craftsmanship anywhere. She's the one that taught me how to use a knife to carve beads. Perhaps I will take up carving again… Thank you…

The phantom of Sai Mota disappears.


If the Guardian wants to hear more.

Eris Morn: When she joined the fireteam, Sai asked for only one thing: to be avenged. I wasn't able to do that for her… But… I helped another Guardian to slay Omnigul. I think Sai – the real Sai, not this phantom – was at peace.


If the Guardian wants to hear more.

Eris Morn: Sai spoke little – except when giving toasts. Then none could silence her.

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