In Search of Answers

The Hellmouth, The Moon

Ghost: All right, Eris. Where to?

Eris Morn: The Pyramid's warding is only a temporary inconvenience. We must first understand how it works if we're to pass through it. For that, the Hive may provide answers. For eons, they've lived next to the Pyramid. And now they've constructed that Scarlet Keep above it. Its existence was clearly no secret to them. Now that it's activated, strange congregations of Hive have begun to appear on the Moon. There is undoubtedly a connection.

Ghost: Then that's where we start.

Sorrow's Harbor, The Moon

Ghost: Eris, we found it. It appears to be a ritual of some kind.

Eris Morn: We must learn its purpose. Do not be afraid to engage the Hive.

The Guardian defeats the Hive and collects six Ruined Tablets.

Ghost: Eris, it's the Nightmares. The Hive are trying to draw them in for the ritual.

Eris Morn: How curious… For what purpose?

Ghost: It's unclear. But they don't seem affected by the Nightmares at all. Not like we are.

Eris Morn: Fascinating. We must learn how they've achieved that. That's our key to finding a way beyond the Pyramid's war—

A terrible scream is heard over the comm channel and Eris's signal cuts out.

Ghost: Eris?! Those screams. That's a Hive Wizard. We have to hurry.

Sanctuary, The Moon

The Guardian returns to Eris Morn.

Eris Morn: Sai Mota screams as she did the day Omnigul tore her apart and silenced her forever. Our fates nearly intertwined today when a Nightmare of Omnigul swept through camp. My survival was a gift, granted by the Essence you retrieved from the Crota Nightmare. Were we to truly harness the power of this Essence, it may provide aid in the fight against the Nightmares — and beyond, to the Pyramid itself. It knows we're coming. I can sense it. And we will have the upper hand.

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