The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass

Ghost: This is it. Whether it's us or Panoptes, someone's future is ending today.

Ikora Rey: It took Osiris years of study to find a way to open the gateways. We don't have years, so…

Ikora forces open the gateway to the Infinite Forest

Ikora Rey: It's open but unstable. Go! I'll hold it open for as long as I can!

The Guardian runs to the Infinite Forest

Ghost: We've gotta get to Panoptes before Osiris does. Without Sagira, if he dies, he dies for good.

The Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass

Ghost: The Infinite Forest — it's huge. I never thought… When the fate of the world's not at stake… can we come back?

The Guardian clears a path through the Infinite Forest

Ghost: We're only going to get one chance at this. If we lose Panoptes here, we won't be able to find it again.

Infinity's Crown

The Guardian meets Panoptes who tries to evade the Guardian

Ghost: Where is Osiris?

The Guardian jumps after Panoptes as it retreats

Ghost: Osiris and Sagira came to the forest to stop Panoptes, but they're not here. We are.

The Guardian battles through hoards of simulated enemies and Taldriks, Infinite Proxy

Ghost: No no no no no— it's deleting us from the Forest— I can't stop it—

Osiris: Panoptes! Face me! I'll block it for as long as I can. You must take down it's defences!

The Guardian flies up to an arc charge

Osiris: Use the arc charge!

The Guardian dunks the arc charge and lowers the defenses

Osiris: I can give you a clear shot of its eye, Guardian

The Guardian manages to get one shot off before Panoptes recovers his shield and summons Ergoth, Infinite Proxy.

Osiris: Your time in the Infinite Forest ends now! The shields!

The Guardian repeats the process of disabling Panoptes shield, again only getting one shot off before Panoptes recovers his shield. Panoptes tries to retreat again.

Ghost: We can't let Panoptes get away! Follow it!

The Guardian continues to fight their way towards Panoptes, killing Alecto, Infinite Proxy

Osiris: No, Panoptes! Your future only has one ending now.

Osiris materialises another arc charge for the Guardian to use to drop Panoptes shield enabling the Guardian to kill Panoptes

Osiris: And give me back my ghost!

The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass

Ikora watches as the Guardian and Osiris emerge from the portal to the Infinite Forest

Osiris: The Vex Mind is destroyed, and the path to their dark future is gone with it.

Sagira: And in case you were wondering, our Guardians were amazing!

Ghost: OUR Guardians? Humph. MY Guardian. Guardian thief.

Ikora Rey: Osiris. It's been… a very long time.

Osiris: Too long, my… I… I was going to say "student" — but, well, that word is too small for you now.

Ikora Rey: I've had other teachers. Time. Pain. A Guardian who makes the habit of the impossible… who I'm proud to call a friend.

Osiris: The world HAS changed.

Ikora Rey: So has the City. You could come back with me.

Osiris: No, my place is here now. We stopped the Vex this time. But many equations lead to the same solution. If they were to ever find another… Besides, I predicted many things, but I never saw you. Now we have a future.

Osiris ascends the stairs back to the Infinite Forest

Osiris: The pathway to the Forest will be open to you if you ever need to find me… or if you want to talk.

Ikora Rey: I'd like that.

Sagira: Great! Galaxy saved. Friends again. Our big hero over here. And by the way, you're welcome.

Osiris: Come, little light. We have infinite realities to explore — and all the time in the world.

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