On the Verge

Ghost: So, Nimbus, want to fill us in on where we're headed?

Nimbus: There's this place where Cloud Striders go. A place to be alone, meditate, pray. If the old bird's theory holds up, should be a mega-source of Strand there.

Osiris: Let's hope it's larger than the ones you've seen thus far.

Nimbus: You can see them? Wha—hang on, so you've got resurrection, sweet jumps, and the ability to witness thinning in the fabric of existence. Who do I gotta kill to get one of those Ghosts?

Ghost: If Strand is another side of the Darkness, how come we'd never encountered these sources before?

Nimbus: The old bird thinks it's like a… stink cloud the Veil leaves behind.

Osiris: I said it's a SIMILAR type of by-product… To use… a different analogy, if we are all part of this "river of souls," how do we direct the river's current?

Nimbus: I said we ARE the river. You don't direct anything. You just flow.

Ghost: There! Another Strand source.

Osiris: Well? What are you waiting for? Let's begin.

Ghost: The Vex are swarming.

Osiris: Let's see how quickly you can dismantle them.

Ghost: The Vex have blocked the path. Guess they want this Strand source for themselves.

Osiris: Of course. The Vex could learn much from a power originating in linked consciousness.

Ghost: We may need a breather.

Osiris: Now is the time to lean into using Strand, not back away from it. You can't effectively train if you don't push past your limits.

Nimbus: Just don't burn yourself out. This is only one battle. We've got a whole war to fight.

Osiris: A war we cannot win without this power well in hand.

Nimbus: Right, this part. Forgot you don't have a skyboard. Oh, but don't worry! You can still get to the place. Just have to find the way around.

Nimbus: All that swinging around, that is… wow, that is really something!

Osiris: Ah, yes. How could Calus possibly overcome your… rope swing?

Nimbus: This is the place!

Ghost: Whoa. This is… wow!

Osiris: Good. Now the true training can begin.

Ghost: We're hitting a wall with Strand. The aftereffects are stacking up.

Osiris: I don't understand. You've got more power, more practice… hasn't this done anything to condition you?

Ghost: Back in action!

Osiris: Hit them again! Hold nothing back.

Osiris: Get up, Guardian. Now is not the time to slow down!

Ghost: I don't think you know what you're asking, Osiris.

Nimbus: Guardian, listen: don't strain for the energy. Drop the effort and just… let it flow through you.

Nimbus: Now that's how you send the Vex packing! Nicely done.

Osiris: Yes. That was a challenging fight, but you pulled through. Still, we cannot afford any faltering when facing Calus. You should be able to wield Strand without strain. [grunts] We're still missing something, but what? I must think. We can discuss this more later.

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