No Time Left

Osiris: Calus encroaches upon the Veil. The activation of the Radial Mast is imminent.

Rohan: If the Veil is compromised, Neomuna will fall. Then all of Sol will follow.

Osiris: Strand will be our edge against Calus. The Guardian is ready to wield it… I think.

Nimbus: Rohan and I are with you. This is OUR city!

Caiatl: The Shadow Legion are honorless cowards. They shall share Calus's grave.

Ghost: It's that suppression field again! We can't use all of our power!

Osiris: Go closer to it. I have a hypothesis.

Osiris: That device is of Pyramid origin, built to suppress our powers—our KNOWN powers. Calus is not prepared for Strand. Use it to overcome their suppression fields!

Ghost: Scanning the area for Strand now!

Ghost: Your Strand readings are higher than they've ever been!

Osiris: Your training's prepared you for this. Strand flows through you, as it flows through everything.

Nimbus: Hey, Guardian? I got my hands on some schematics for Terran toys. Thought I'd put the replicator to good use.

Ghost: The landing zone's clear! What were these, uh, "Terran toys" you mentioned?

Nimbus: Something called a "Drake Tank." Looks like fun.

Osiris: You stole those schematics from my files, didn't you?

Nimbus: Information wants to be free.

Nimbus: The Cabal have me pinned down!

Ghost: This Shadow Legion position is heavily fortified. We're blocked as well.

Osiris: Take out their fuel cells and clear a path to the Radial Mast.

Rohan: I'm counting on you, Guardian. I'll need backup with Nimbus out of the fight.

Caiatl: We're holding the skies and keeping Calus's reinforcements at bay for now, but it won't hold forever.

Osiris: Rohan and the Guardian are on the way.

Rohan: We're running out of time.

Ghost: Their suppression fields even disable the tanks! Calus was really prepared for us. But not prepared enough! I'm running another scan for Strand.

Rohan: I'm getting delayed! How close are you to the Radial Mast?

Ghost: Almost there!

Osiris: Remember, the Radial Mast must be stopped before it forges a connection with the Veil!

Ghost: We see the Veil's enclosure!

Nimbus: [grunts] I'm pinned down here! Can't make it to you! Too many of these damn things!

Rohan: The Lightbearer and I can handle this. Stay alive, Nimbus!

Ghost: This way's a dead end!

Rohan: No path forward… Then we'll have to make our own!

Osiris: If the Radial Mast links with the Veil, it's all over. You and Rohan are our only hope.

Rohan: The Radial Mast! It's activating! I'll buy you some time, Lightbearer!

Osiris: Be careful, Rohan! Even you can only deter it for so long… must be a way to destroy it.

Rohan: Guardian, as long as I can hold the line, the Radial Mast can't create the link. Find a way to destroy it. Hurry!

Rohan: [grunts in exertion] Is this all they got?

Rohan: Headlong… and empty-handed…

Rohan: I need your help soon!

Osiris: The Radial Mast cannot be destroyed with conventional weapons…. but like before, perhaps they didn't account for Strand.

Rohan: [pants] Give me some time… to expose its weak point! When I give you the signal… use your Strand!

Rohan: Now's the time! Lightbearer! Destroy it now!

Ghost: We—we can't!

Rohan: [grunts in pain] Then I have no choice… Nimbus… …See you on the other side.

Nimbus: Rohan, what are you doing?

Rohan: [roars a war cry]

Nimbus: ROHAN!

Ghost: Rohan, he…

Nimbus: He chose a Cloud Strider's end. Hey. Guardian… can you please pick up his core? I… I'll need it.

Ghost: Okay, Nimbus.

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