Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Wall


Shuro Chi: We Techeuns wear gems to augment our innate powers. The variety of mineral varies by personal preference and by task. Amethyst, in particular, is good for communing with the Ancients.


Shuro Chi: We used to give carved amethyst as political gifts to the Eliksni - back in the old days, before the Wolves rose up. The Archons, especially, prized our amethyst for its beauty.


Shuro Chi: The Awoken once had a space station we called Amethyst in honor of the gems we use to channel our magic. The station fell at the start of the Reef Wars. Petra still mourns those we lost.


Shuro Chi: Amethyst is a symbol of royalty and power among the Awoken. As a mineral, it is nothing more than simple quartz, but it has been irrevocably transformed - much like us.

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