Prime's Path

Variks: Was looking, searching for new Wolf Kell. Could not find one. Could not understand House Wolves tactics. Bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughter)

Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new God, a Servitor, a Prime. This a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing.

Rubicon Wastes, Meridian Bay, Mars

Variks: Only one place the Prime can be. Only one place shrouded to sensors, hidden to tracking: Vex Confluence. Deep in Cabal base.

Guardian enters Iron Line Cabal base

Guardian ambushed by Fallen

Petra: As best we can tell, the Wolves managed to slip past the base's outer defences and set up a perimeter around the confluence. Even the Cabal are having trouble prying them out of there.

Guardian enters Legion's Keep

Orbiks prime and Fallen approach Vex Spire, surrounding Guardian

Variks: Guardian, they have rebuilt Prime, House Wolves machine-God of old. Destroy it. Destroy it fast!

Orbiks Prime destroyed

Variks: Prime is dead. House Wolves will scatter. With no God, no Kell, House is broken once again. Hopefully this time for good.

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