Queen’s Court (Loop 5)

Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

The Guardian presents an offering to the oracle and enters the portal.

Queen's Court, Unknown Space

The Guardian enters the Queen's Court and leans closer to the hologram of a gazebo.

The Dreaming City

A purple Ghost flies around, scanning the environment. The Ghost spots a large gazebo and heads towards it. In the center of the gazebo lies a body on a pedestal, covered by a white sheet. The Ghost approaches the body and scans it, then resurrects the body. The resurrected person sits up, gasping, and is revealed to be Uldren Sov.

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Category: Glint

Quest: A Cry From Beyond, Let Loose Thy Talons

Pilgrimage: Harbinger’s Seclude, Osana Sov

Category: Prince Uldren Sov

Queen's Ransom