Quest: Expand and Collapse, Raising Our Defenses

The Rapture, Echo Mesa, Io

The Guardian opens the Seraph Bunker.

Seraph Bunker: Io, Echo Mesa, Io

The Guardian heads through the corridors. The Guardian opens a door to the Seraph Bunker's control room and sees Zavala speaking with Rasputin.

Zavala: Ana insists you understand the stakes. Convince me. Hm…

Rasputin displays a hologram of the solar system with several Pyramid ships at the edge of the system.

Zavala: Our enemy reveals itself. Their shadow is long and close. Is this what's had your attention? Preparations to fight? To rebuild? To run?

Rasputin responds to Zavala and hacks Zavala's Ghost to play recorded transmissions from the Collapse.

Zavala's Ghost: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! This is NFV Meritursas XVI, 11,000 souls in cyrosleep aboard. We are, uh, we are a few minutes out of New Pacific Arcology. We were struck by debris in a large wave. Fusion plant offline. We can see extensive… catastrophic damage to one of the arcology domes. Oh. Oh, it's gone over. Respond if able…

Zavala's Ghost: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY. This is New Pacific Arcology on GUARD, declaring a SUNDOWN loss of habitability event. We have 2.9 million souls aboard. We repeat, Titan is no longer safe for human life -

Zavala: The Collapse. You were there. You gave everything to a cause and saw it all swept away. You're afraid to fail. Again.

Rasputin responds to Zavala.

Zavala: So am I. I've never considered how it must have felt to live through the Collapse. From this day, we speak as allies, not warriors who seek to wield each other as weapons. After we break the Almighty, the City will devote whatever resources you need towards banishing these dark omens. When they come, we will stand together. As equals. As Guardians.

Zavala turns and looks up at the hologram and then transmats away.

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