Quest: Speak with the Drifter, In the Face of Darkness

Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

The Guardian approaches the Drifter and shows him the Seed of Silver Wings.

Seed of Silver Wings

The Drifter: Big Boss Blue said you were coming. Offered me some made-up job: plugging the Pyramid's leaks, keeping the Dark bottled up. Said it was "compulsory." I don't mind a little charity, but you ask me, containment's just like holding your breath. Gotta let it out every now and then. Pyramids are making some moves. Moondust thinks we can use the Darkness we catch to charge that Seed. Might cut through all that pesky interference in the Cradle. Might let her tell you what Savathûn doesn't want you to know. Good thing too, cuz it is wacky out there. Haha. Look around. Cabal, Fallen, bunch of unsavory types looking to stake their claim. Jokers can't even see we're boxed in. All bets on you to pull through. Heh, no pressure.

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