Report: REVERSE-LURE: Briefing

The Enclave, Mars

The Guardian approaches the Evidence Board to investigate another Hidden report.

Ikora: My Hidden, we've put together enough pieces of the puzzle. A picture is finally beginning to form. Savathûn stole the idea of the Glaive from the Witness's disciple in order to lure us into unlocking her memories. But beyond that, she had no plans for upgrading the Hive's weaponry. Immaru, however, aims to impress. He's been on the hunt for the remaining fragments so he can arm the Lucent Brood with enhanced Glaives. So, I propose a gamble. Our intel places Immaru in a Dark area of the Throne World. Take the fragment there as a lure. If we play this right, we may be able to get a new Glaive and a Ghost in one fell swoop.

Evidence Board — Report: REVERSE-LURE


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