Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT: Preservation

Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT — Step 1

The Enclave, Mars

The Guardian reports to the Hidden's Evidence Board.

Evidence Board — Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT

Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT — Step 2

Miasma, Savathûn's Throne World

The Guardian investigates the Sunken Pyramid at the request of Queen Mara Sov.

Queen Mara Sov: Guardian. You're needed within the Throne World Pyramid. The Scorn have become frenzied at the death of the Witness's disciple, Rhulk. They seek to take the Pyramid out of our hands and use its power to capture the Throne World for themselves. One final, desperate attempt to win a battle they've already lost. Ensure it stays that way.

The Guardian defeats a Projection of Savathûn and proceeds into the bog.

Disciple's Bog, Savathûn's Throne World

The Guardian gathers resonant runes and overflows the Pyramid's vessel with knowledge to traverse the bog.

Acquisition, Savathûn's Throne World

The Guardian witnesses the aftermath of the raid on the Sunken Pyramid: Xita, mother of the Worm Gods, emits black smoke. The Upended no longer glows.

The Guardian moves from room to room ridding the Sunken Pyramid of Scorn and defeats three of the Fanatic's Chosen.

Queen Mars Sov: The Scorn retreat from the Pyramid once more. You will undoubtedly be needed again when they return. In the meantime, do not rush away. The Pyramid holds many secrets yet… Information that could prove useful to our coming fight against the Witness. Do not delay.

Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT — Step 3

The Enclave, Mars

The Guardian reports their findings on the Hidden's Evidence Board.

Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT — Step 4

Evidence Board — Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT

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