Mara Sov: Guardian. With your Light and the power which I have imbued, you have grasped the Ascendant Plane in total, and may traverse it at will. We are poised for a victory. It is time to strike. The Shadow Legion flagship is a stain on your sky. Destroy it, and find joy in its destruction.

Mithrax: We will travel the Ascendant Plane by Marakel's grace, and aid you in your attack.

The Crow: We'll follow your lead. Get inside that ship, and we'll all take it down together.

Devrim: Never fear, Guardian. We'll be your support as you find a path to the ship's engine.

Mara Sov: Go. Find your retribution. Deliver justice as Queensguard.

Devrim: In all my years fighting back the Taken, I never thought I'd set foot in the Ascendant Plane.

Mithrax: Marakel's power is considerable, but it is not boundless. We must use this opportunity wisely.

The Crow: That's right. We have our breach points. Make this count.

Devrim: Find a way through that ship, Guardian. Crow, Mithrax, and I will bring down the Shadow Legion's commanders one by one.

The Crow: I'm going to enjoy this.

Devrim: Likewise. Mithrax?

Mithrax: I am ready to cut them down. We will break their ship, and watch it fall from our sky.

The Crow: Remember what they took from us. Don't let anything stand in your way.

The Crow: Charges armed. Detonating ammunition storage now.

The Crow: There. I took out their firepower.

Devrim: Cheers.

Mithrax: Marakel's Corsairs are with me. We are ready.

The Crow: Good. Devrim's providing cover—let's move.

Devrim: I have them in my sights. Don't worry, Guardian. We've got things handled on our end.

Mara Sov: Accept my power, Guardian, and tear down their defenses with your Light.

The Crow: Those cooling fans are the only thing stopping the engine from going critical. You'll have to destroy those generators first.

Devrim: Earlier, I took out the Legionary with the biggest helmet. Had to be their leader. They're headless now… uh, so to speak. You're clear to bring down those engineers. Then that engine is all yours.

The Crow: Destroy the engine and take down this ship.

Mithrax: Marakel will bring us back safely. Complete your mission, Guardian.

The Crow: And have a little fun with it.

Mara Sov: There are many battles to come, but we have this victory today.

Devrim: Every civilian in the EDZ can see what we've done. They know we're keeping them safe from whatever the Witness wants with them. Well done, Guardian. You too, lads. We made quite the team up there.

The Crow: We made the Shadow Legion hurt. We showed them that we can strike back.

Mithrax: In this, we honor Amanda's memory.

Quest: Voice of Light, Let Loose Thy Talons

Category: The Crow

Wayfinder's Voyage III: In the Shadow of the Past

Quest: Fallen Transponder and Zero Hour, Outbreak Perfected

Category: Mithrax

Retribution: Debriefing from Crow

Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT: Preservation

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Retribution: Briefing from Crow