Season of Plunder Closing Cinematic

After the Guardian community rallies to help rebuild the Eliksni Quarter, Saint-14 provides an update on Mithrax's efforts studying the reliquary.

Saint-14: And in the Last City, as Misraaks would say, "the Light provides." The Guardians gave their treasures to those in need. Our people were being cared for, and Misraaks could take time to study... the secrets of the reliquaries. He said they were connected by threads he alone could perceive, and that they whispered to him. He performed... a conversion. He claimed from them a mass of primal Darkness. He distilled it, transformed its terrifying energy... into a... more agreeable state. And Osiris, my phoenix, who broke time itself to bring me to his side... awoke. As he recovered, Osiris would tell us how the energy opened his mind, let him remember Savathûn's thoughts and fears as if they were his own. He would tell us of a power she knew of, a secret hidden away on Neptune. Yes, he would explain all of this. But when he first opened his eyes, his words were only... "Saint, my love." That was all. And that was enough.

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