The Farm — Cinematic

The Farm

Cayde-6: So really what you're saying is, we're damned if we do, damned if we don't.

Zavala: On the contrary. Now that we are together again, we might just stand a chance.

Ikora: The fact is, if we destroy that weapon we will ignite a chain reaction that could send our sun into a supernova.

Cayde-6: Well… At least we have each other.

Zavala: Indeed. We all know what needs to be done. The Traveler must be freed.

Cayde-6: I'm thinking the three of us and a big, fat pile of explosives can get the job done. Look. I still have that Vex teleporter. It's got limited range, so we'll have to get a little too close for comfort.

Zavala: Then we get inside the City walls for it to be effective.

Ikora: But without the Light, an outright assault on the Wall is doomed to fail. We could — There will be no coming back.

Cayde-6: It's worth it.

Ikora: How do we get in?

Hawthorne: You know… the City wall is kind of like this barn. Plenty of places to slip in unseen. So long as you know how.

Cayde-6: You sure you're not one of my Hunters?

Hawthorne: Heh. Not really into capes.

Cayde-6: Clearly. Nice poncho.

Hawthorne: You need to get your team into the City without raising any alarms. My people and I can help you do that. We also happen to be pretty good at shooting bad guys.

Ikora: Hawthorne. It's one thing for us to put our lives on the line, but… this doesn't have to be your fight. You're not a…

Hawthorne: A Guardian? You think you've cornered the market on sacrifice? You forget that we've had to survive without the Light, all our lives! Once upon a time, that big white ball in the sky was there for all of us. I think it's about time we returned the favour. Guardians or not.

Cayde-6: That's a great speech and all, but let's not forget the whole supernova and complete annihilation thingy.

Zavala: If we can't destroy the Almighty, we'll have to disable it wepon. And that means getting a certain Guardian on board.

Ikora: We'll need a good disguise if we're going to fly right through a Cabal armada.

Hawthorne: If it's a Cabal ship you need, there's a base nearby full of them. But it won't be easy sneaking in.

Zavala: Oh, we're done sneaking. If there's one thing I've learned from Cayde it's the value of a grand entrance.

Cayde-6: This is great. Anyone want a hug? Hugs? No? No hugs.

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