Quest: The Importance of Networking, Patrols

Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone

Devrim Kay: Devrim here, subbing for Cayde. Righto. The Legion nicked the secure channel you Guardians use for your patrols. Naturally, Cayde didn't leave any kind of instructions, so… I suggest you rough up a few Cabal for the intel.

The Guardian collects munitions from several Cabal Legionaires.

Ghost: I think we've narrowed in on that frequency.

Devrim Kay: Brilliant. Thin out the ground troops a bit. You won't want anyone following you when you go and reclaim our channel.

The Guardian defeats the Cabal in the area.

Devrim Kay: Right. Have a quick peak around. We want things quiet before you pop into that Legion base.

Hawthorne: Dev? Are you all… doing Cayde's chores?

Devrim Kay: We are. Care to pitch in?

Hawthorne: No, no thanks. Haha. In fact, uh, something just came up; I'm gonna hop off. Good luck!

The Guardian heads to the survey point and surveys the area.

Devrim Kay: Lovely. Let's keep moving. You're looking for a high ranking Legion commander.

Zavala: This is Commander Zavala. Who's on this channel?

Devrim Kay: Devrim Kay, sir, and our favourite Guardian.

Zavala: Ah, is this the patrol set-up? Do you mind if I listen in?

Devrim Kay: Be my guest.

Legion's Anchor, European Dead Zone

The Guardian finds and defeats Zarik, the Booming Voice.

Zavala: Excellent. There should be a terminal nearby. Input the key, and we'll - oh, I'm sorry, Devrim, I should have let you handle this.

Devrim Kay: No, no. Go ahead.

The Guardian accesses the terminal using the access codes.

Ghost: Access codes are in. I'm transferring broadcast permissions back to our patrol system.

Devrim Kay: Yes, we see it coming online now.

Zavala: Ahem. The field beacons still need to be reactivated.

Devrim Kay: Indeed. Make your way outside, if you please. You're looking for a patrol beacon. They're fiddly little batons jammed into the ground.

Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone

The Guardian reactivates a patrol beacon.

Devrim Kay: Well done. If you're keen to run more support missions, keep your eyes peeled for patrol beacons. I'm watching the rest of the network come online now, right across the system. You should be able to pick up patrols on any planet.

Zavala: Ah. Who among us does not love infrastructure?

Devrim Kay: Indeed. Oh, and give my regards to Cayde when you see him, won't you?

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