Tenebrous Tunnels

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by pirate_dani

Flying into orbit around Mars

Zavala: The sucess of Vanguard stems from training, from gear, and most of all experience. Your mission to Phobos was what started this war. I can think of no one better to lead this assult.

The Buried City, Mars

Zavala: The tunnel system beneath the old city of Freehold is extensive. Much of it is uncharted. But, thankfully, much of it has collapsed. This should be a standard sweep and clear. Good luck.

Tharsis Junction, Mars

Ghost: This rail system was endless. It connected colonies, dig sites. I'm even detecting a line that runs all the way up to the Cradle at the North Pole.

Black Garden Gate, Tharsis Junction, Mars

Ghost: Temporal energy. Strands of Darkness. Vex circuitry.

Zavala: The Black Garden? We had no idea this entrance existed. Guardian, there are Vex among the Taken. They may know how to re-form the heart!

Taken appear

Ghost: An Echo of Oryx! That explains where the Taken are coming from.

The view of the Black Garden, Mars, full of Blight

Ghost: When we destroyed the Heart, we locked the Garden to the surface of Mars. All the Taken had to do was walk through the front door.

The Echo of Oryx escapes into the Black Garden, Meridian Bay, Mars

Zavala: An Echo of Oryx loose in the Black Garden? The thought chills my very soul. It may have escaped, but your assault was a categoric success. We'll have teams mop up the remaining Taken and we can begin tracking that Echo.

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