The Aftermath

Reconnaissance Mission

Riis-Reborn Approach, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian returns to the Fallen City and investigates the Vex presence.

Variks: Eramis unleashed chaos on her own city.

Zavala: Lucky for us. The Vex will further destabilize them. We just need to land the killing blow. See where the Fallen stand now that the Vex are at their door. Find the cracks in their defenses.

The Guardian unseals a Stasis barrier and proceeds further into the Fallen City.

Kell's Rising, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Fallen and Vex fight each other while the Guardian dispels all Confluxes in the area and proceeds.

Variks: Variks thought this place would be the new home of Eliksni. Riis-Reborn. But these Vex will churn it to dust… [insect-like chattering]

The Guardian defeats House Salvation Arc Couriers and deposits Arc Charges to charge a generator.

Ghost: Commander. The Fallen are holding their ground against the Vex better than we expected.

Variks: [wheezes] Perhaps… someone has risen to replace Eramis.

Zavala: I think you may be right. Get deeper in the city. Find out who it is.

The Guardian traverses the Fallen City as Skiffs depart.

Kridis: Machine-spawn! Did you believe you could break our Kell so easily? She has merely transformed. And she will rise again.

The Guardian approaches Kridis, Dark Priestess. Kridis transmats away. The Guardian defeats the Fallen.

Variks: Eliksni still flee this city. Some for House Light, some for Dusk. Perhaps they flee from Kridis? [insect-like chattering]

A Salvation Walker appears. The Guardian destroys the Salvation Walker.

Ghost: Zavala, we're clear. But there's no sign of Kridis. She got away.

Zavala: We can't let Kridis rebuild the Fallen forces here. She slipped under our radar once already. Work with Variks on this, Guardian. He has insider knowledge.

Ghost: We'll get it done, Commander.

Rendezvous with Variks

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