Strange Terrain

Glacial Drift, Mars

Zavala: If we find the place where this God Worm feeds, we can use the Traveler's fragment to draw out Xol.

Ghost: I've been running some scans. There's a cavern that intersects with one of Xol's tunnels.

Ana Bray: Zavala, listen to me. I've studied the logs. Rasputin was barely able to stop Xol the first time.

Ghost: Guardians, I'm getting some kind of interference. I can't make sense of it.

Zavala: Our mission stands. We will defeat Xol, and we don't need the help of a Warmind to do it. Not when we don't know what else it might do.

The Guardian follows Xol's trail.

Ghost: The interference is getting worse, but I'm starting to pick up a pattern. Do you hear it, Ana?

Ana Bray: I'll need more data to be sure, but yeah. I'm thinking it might be an encoded message.

The Guardian reaches an area with a glowing crystal.

Ghost: Those crystals are surging with energy. They must be using them to gather power to feed Xol.

The Guardian kills the Ugul Gar Knight. A relic appears.

Ghost: The energy in this relic is volatile. Try throwing it at the crystal.

The Guardian throws the relic at Hive crystal, opening up the pathway.

Ghost: It looks like the Hive have been busy down here.

Zavala: Keep going. According to scans, there's a large chamber where all the tunnels intersect. That makes it the most likely spot for Xol's feeding ground.

Penumbral Depths, Mars

Ghost: Look at the size of these tunnels. Xol must be immense.

Ana Bray: Meaning Xol is stronger than we thought.

Zavala: All the more reason to take it down now.

Guardian kills the Wizard, Simmumah ur-Nokru

Ghost: They were chanting in an archaic form, about a priest - Nokris - and how he was labeled a heretic.

Zavala: What could possibly qualify as heretical for the Hive?

Ghost: Something about…resurrection?

The Guardian enters a cavern with two glowing crystals.

Ghost: This is some kind of holy space. They're readying another offering for Xol.

The Guardian kills the Ugul Gar Knights, picks up the relics that appear and throws each of them at one of the crystals. The Guardian then kills the Ogre, Kvada ur-Nokru.

Ghost: The feeding ground is right below us.

Ana Bray: I've decoded the interference pattern. Akka, Eir, Yul, Ur… those are names, Guardian. Ancient, powerful names. This is more than we-

The comms are suddenly cut off.

Ghost: Ana! Ana!

The Guardian enters an area with several kneeling Suluh-teth and Suluh Knights. The Guardian kills the Knights.

Nokris, Herald of Xol, appears.

Ghost: That's not Xol.

The Guardian defeats Nokris.

Ghost: There, in the center. That's where we can place the fragment.

Ghost places the fragment in the center. Suddenly, the Guardian is imobilized. Xol, Will of the Thousands, appears.

Xol: There is no Light here. You are alone. You shall drift. You shall drown in the Deep.

The cavern ceiling falls, burying the Guardian.

Ghost: Guardian…? Guardian?! Where are you?!

Ghost searches for the Guardian. The Guardian regains consciousness and struggles out of the debris.

Ghost: Thank the Light!

Ana Bray: Xol is heading directly for the Clovis Bray facility and Rasputin. If Rasputin dies, the javelin goes with him. Xol wins.

Ghost heals the Guardian

Zavala: Very well. My reservations about the Warmind aren't as important as defeating Xol. We do this together. What do you say, Guardian?

Ghost: We say it's about time.

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