The Bigger Game

Annex, The Tower, The Last City. Earth

The Guardian speaks to the Drifter after visiting the Derelict.

Invitation of the Nine - Mystery and Potential (Visit 9)

The Drifter: I told you not to look into the Emissary and you did it anyway. You know how many people I killed for less? Shut up. Don't answer that. I don't need the sass right now. I'm in over my head, kid. Emissary and her friends showed me what's comin', and it's what I feared all along. Put aside your dogma. The fight that's coming can't be won with Light alone. Gambit's your salvation and mine. See you on the field.

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Stealing Stasis

Category: The Drifter

Quest: A Darker Path, The Draw

Invitation of the Nine - Mystery and Potential (Visit 9)

Category: Invitations of the Nine

Queen’s Court (Loop 3)

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