Stealing Stasis

Stealing Stasis

Kell's Rising, Europa

The Guardian arrives in Riis-Reborn in search of the Fallen's Stasis weapon prototype.

Ghost: Drifter sent instructions for infiltrating the city. He said he couldn't be on radio — some "top secret" business with Eris and the Stranger. He asked me to fill in for him, but he doesn't think I'll be able to "sell it." …He's wrong. [as Drifter] All right. My notes say we got Ether tanks all over this rooftop — the exploding kind. Use 'em to get those guards before they get us. Brother.

The Guardian destroys twenty Ether tanks.

Ghost: [attempt as Drifter] Nice job with those fireworks. Let's keep movin'. [as self] I can't believe he thought I couldn't do this.

The Guardian delves deeper into the city to find the Crux of Darkness and the Fallen weapon.

Ghost: [as Drifter] So… a Stasis-wieldin' gun. Wonder what Moondust and the Stranger would think of that. [as self] Actually, that's a good question. Do you think Drifter even told them about this? [as Drifter] Too late now, I guess.

The Guardian navigates traps and combatants to reach the Crux of Darkness and steal the Stasis weapon.

Ghost: [attempting Drifter impression] The Fallen have this gun on lockdown. Max security. Stay on your toes. You don't get as old as me by bein' sloppy. [as self] No, no, too wordy… [as Drifter] Don't get sloppy. [as self] Better.

Riis-Reborn Approach, Europa

Ghost: [aspiring Drifter impression] Keep one hand on your gun, kid.

The Guardian approaches the Crux of Darkness and the Stasis weapon.

Ghost: [attempt as Drifter] There's the gun. I got access codes to take down that shield. Let me do my magic, brother.

The Guardian hacks the Fallen tech and brings down the shields around the Stasis weapon.

Ghost: [as Drifter] One more. Keep pushin'.

The Guardian removes the weapon's shield.

Ghost: [as Drifter] Shield's down. Nab that gun, brother.

The Guardian steals the Stasis weapon.

Salvation's Grip

Ghost: Ah — we tripped an alarm! We gotta, uh — [as Drifter] hightail it outta here — [as self] Ugh, I need to focus! Let's get out of here, Guardian.

The Guardian fights through House Salvation forces and escapes the Fallen city with the stolen weapon.

The Spider: Hello, old friend. The Drifter said you might need a hand. My associates will arrive shortly. There's a little… roadblock up ahead.

Eventide Ruins, Europa

The Guardian reaches Eventide Ruins as House Salvation activates a barrier preventing the Guardian from escaping. Multiple Brigs appear.

Ghost: Of course…

The Guardian destroys a Fallen Brig. The Spider's associates arrive and deploy Heavy Ammo crates.

The Spider: A present from the Shore. I know you Guardians always enjoy a little extra firepower.

The Guardian destroys all Brigs and shield generators in the area. Fallen Commodore appears.

Ghost: Another Brig. That thing must be controlling the shield.

The Guardian defeats the Fallen Commodore.

Ghost: All right, we're clear. Uh… thanks for the help, Spider.

The Spider: Oh, it was nothing. I've heard a little of your exploits with this new power… "Stasis." Consider this a reminder: you have friends on the Shore. Don't be a "stranger," Guardian.

Ghost: Not to dwell on this, but… my Drifter impression was pretty good, huh? Listen… [aspiring Drifter impression] "Hive! Bring a sword." See? [as self] Heh. Watch out, Drifter. There's a new Drifter in town.

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