The Devils' Lair

Zavala: The Fallen will continue to claw at the walls of our City unless we strike them down. Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship we have located the House of Devils' Lair, and the High Servitor feeding them their strength. We must destroy this machine-god, and send their souls screaming back to hell.

Rocketyard, Old Russia, Earth

Refinery, Old Russian, Earth

Ghost: Fallen and Hive. Let's hope we can avoid the crossfire.

Fallen and Hive fight each other before Guardians intervene

The way is blocked. A Guardian deploys their Ghost

Ghost: Pretty complex. I'll need time.

Fallen attack

Ghost: The Fallen are getting smarter, it's like the entire system is wired to a...

Alarm sounds

Ghost: I'll work faster.

Ghost: I'm close, but just so you know, there's more Fallen and Hive on the way.

Naksis, Devil Baron arrives and is defeated

Ghost: Barrier is down. We can move.

The Blast, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: The Lair is up ahead, under that Colony Ship. Just on the other side of... all those Devils...

A skiff surfaces, dropping off a Devil Walker

The Devil Walker is destroyed

The Devils' Lair, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: So this is the Devils' Lair...

Blast doors open to reveal Dregs gathered around a large Servitor, Sepiks Prime, lights move from the ground by the dregs to the servitor. The Guardians take out the Dregs. Sepiks drops its shield and begins attacking

Sepiks Prime is destroyed

Ghost: Well done!

Zavala: Sepiks Prime cast a great shadow over our City. With its destruction, the Fallen Devils will grow weaker. But we must stay vigilant. The Fallen are crafty. They'll find ways to survive. They always do.

The Coming War – Closing Cinematic

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