The Dreadnaught

The Guardian pilots Eris Morn's ship through the wreckage of the Awoken fleet surrounding the Dreadnaught

Ghost: It only took one blast from the Dreadnaught.

Cayde-6: When you're through it'll never fire again. Just don't forget to plant the transmat link so other Guardians can land. Not everybody's got stealth tech, and a ship that smells like Hive. Good luck, Guardian.

Ghost: Activating stealth drive.

The ship fades from sight

Ghost: I'm picking up fluctuations in the power conduit.

Cayde-6: Relax, I modified the tech myself. Probably just Saturn's radio storms running interference.

Lights start flashing, alarms start sounding

Ghost: It's malfunctioning.

Cayde-6: Did you break my stealth drive?

The ship suddenly becomes visible again

Ghost: think they can see us?

The Dreadnaught's weapon begins to charge

Ghost: I think they can see us!!

The Guardian accelerates toward the Dreadnaught, the weapon begins to fire, there is a flash of light and Eris Morn's ship is destroyed

The Guardian transmats onto the deck of the Dreadnaught

Cayde-6: What happened? Everything alright?

Ghost: Why wouldn't we be alright? We're just stuck here with no ship and no transmat zone.

Cayde-6: Great. Told you my stealth drive would work.

Cayde-6: Alright, I'd like to tell you the strength of the City is behind you, but as long as that Dreadnaught's still firing we can't risk reinforcements. Head inside, see if you can find whatever's powering that weapon.

A floating light guides the Guardian into the Dreadnaught

Cayde-6: Same thing we saw right before Phobos fell apart. Might be some kind of probe, expect trouble.

The light floats above a stone bridge, flashes, and then the bridge disappears

Ghost: The bridge across just vanished.

Cayde-6: Give me a second, I'll check with Eris. Uh, she says it's probably just a "resonant spell", whatever that is, so just don't... don't trust anything...

Ghost: How about you let me out and I'll take a look?

The Ghost scans the environment, revealing a number of hidden platforms that become visible when the Guardian steps on them

Hall of Souls, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Cayde-6: Any luck with the weapon?

Ghost: We've only scratched the surface of the Dreadnaught.

Cayde-6: Hive keep vital operations deep in the core of their architecture. You're going to have to get your hands dirty.

The Guardian approaches a power channel

Ghost: That energy powers the weapon. Cayde, what do we do?

Cayde-6: Okay, hold on. Eris is going on about "breaking the necrotic..." ah, just shoot it!

Ghost: Ah, there's a shield up, let me take it down for you.

Ghost takes down the shield around the power channel, the Guardian fires at it until it explodes and shuts down, the area goes dark

Ghost: Okay, it's down, but I'm picking up other channels to the weapon.

Cayde-6: Find them. It won't stop firing until you shut them all down.

The Guardian destroys another power channel

Ghost: The weapon's cycling down. Let's find another channel.

The Guardian attempts to destroy another channel, but Taken arrive

The Guardian defeats the Taken and destroys the other channel

Ghost: The weapon's down! Cayde, what's our next move?

Cayde-6: We need that transmat zone up and running. There's a massive hull breach near your position, that'll be your best bet.

Hull Breach, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

A Cabal ship sits embedded in the Dreadnaught, surrounded by wreckage

Ghost: A Cabal ship, Skyburners colors. Must have deployed from Phobos.

Cayde-6: Cabal? We'll deal with them later. Secure that transmat zone.

Hive and Cabal fight

The Guardian plants the patrol beacon, enabling the transmat zone

Ghost: Activating transmat link, our ship is inbound.

Cayde-6: Hey Zavala, want to know what a transmat zone on the Dreadnaught looks like?

The Guardian's ship arrives

Zavala: You landed a Guardian on the Dreadnaught without authorization?

Cayde-6: Oh right, can I have authorization?

Zavala: We'll discuss it later, Guardian, take care of that tank, or the transmat zone won't matter.

A Cabal Goliath tank fires, the Guardian's ship dodges the shell

Ghost: I'll bring down some ammo crates from the ship. You're going to need them.

The Guardian destroys the Goliath tank

Zavala: Guardian, Cayde just briefed us on your... unorthodox mission. Your victory — no matter the method — is a Vanguard victory. You have our thanks.

Cayde-6: Everyone loves a bad idea when it works. Now, excuse me Guardian, I have to go have an uncomfortable conversation with Eris about her ship. Get home safe.

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