The Nexus

Ishtar Sink, Venus

Ikora Rey: Far below the Ishtar Academy, the Vex have set something in motion, a world-eating machine transforming Venus into another link in their intergalactic chain. This Nexus must be stopped and the Mind that controls it, destroyed.

Fireteam lands in Ishtar Commons

Fireteam enter N/Gen Branch, Ishtar Academy

Ghost: Picking up multiple Servitors.

Fireteam ambushed by Fallen

Fallen High Servitors destroyed

Ghost: Ok! The upper level's open.

Fireteam head for Ishtar Research Lab, Dig Site 4

Ghost: We're getting close. I'm detecting a massive surge from the dig site below us.

Fireteam go deeper into Dig Site 4

Fireteam approach Vex stronghold

Ghost: That's got to be the Nexus!

Fireteam attack surrounding Vex

Ghost: The Nexus! It's opening!

Nexus forms, attacks Fireteam

Nexus sends major Vex reinforcements

Nexus is destroyed

Ghost: Great work.

Ikora Rey: One tendril of the Vex surge has been severed. But their presence here still grows in other dark places, far out of our reach. We must continue to understand their power and haunt the realms where they gather.

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