Tracing the Stars I: A Hollow Coronation

Tracing the Stars I — Step 3

After collecting the first 5 Atlas Skews, the Guardian is instructed to deliver them to a chamber deep within Reef space.

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian enters the portal in the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M.

Caliburn Gatehouse, The Dreaming City

The Guardian installs the Atlas Skews into the first Atlas Terminal to sequence the Dozmary Vault's current coordinates. The navigational data sequence is integrated.

Queen Mara Sov: This is the Gatehouse. It leads to many places. The vault where I stowed the scepter is one of those places. The Atlas Skews you've collected serve as star charts, of sorts, used to map and navigate Ley Lines back when they could be freely explored. Uldren had been searching for Ager's scepter for some time when he made these. Another daring venture to win my affections against my better wishes. He often embedded travel logs into his skews. Here.

A recording from Uldren plays.

Uldren Sov: Sister... I wonder when the spies you have following me will find these. Do you still walk the old paths we've made? Mother's old tales come to mind. I've been adding to my favorite: the twin kestrels whose hearts beat as one. You'll have to tell me what you think when I return with the scepter. Mother Kestrel watched perfect daughter Rega as she plotted the infinite paths of the Hollow, as if concocting a plan for each way it could grow. But with her son, Ager, Mother instead held him tight beneath her wing in the oak's hollow. She pointed starward and whispered warnings of dangerous storms and cosmic sojourners that carved chaos in the sky. The beautiful depth of the dark spots caught his eye. His imagination was arrested by them. Ager struggled against his mother's wing, yearning to leap from the tallest branch and soar to see the storms for himself. But Mother Kestrel's talon caught him. She scolded him to never leave the canopy. She held him in crushing closeness and vowed not to show him the stars again. He grew to resent her protection.

Queen Mara Sov: If it is still unclear, the twin kestrels represent Uldren and myself. Their mother is Osana Sov. Uldren found Osana's prescriptions restrictive. I never considered her a mother myself, but her dreams of foresight interested me. We both saw calamity looming, Osana and I. In the Distributary, where the Awoken were born, we were eternal. Osana would hide there forever rather than face the enemy. When we left to form the Reef, many chose to hide with her. You're done here. I'll send for you when more skews reveal themselves.

Tracing the Stars I — Step 4

The Machinist

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Tracing the Stars II: A Hollow Coronation

The Machinist

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Tracing the Stars II: A Hollow Coronation