Tracing the Stars III: A Hollow Coronation

Tracing the Stars III — Step 3

After collecting the third set of 5 Atlas Skews, the Guardian is instructed to deliver them to the Caliburn Gatehouse.

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian enters the portal in the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M.

Caliburn Gatehouse, The Dreaming City

The Guardian installs the Atlas Skews into the third Atlas Terminal to sequence the Dozmary Vault's current coordinates. The navigational data sequence is integrated.

Uldren Sov: Rega worried their song had attracted the storm's attention, and made plans for the flock to leave the Hollow. She locked herself away to study. The separation pained Ager. Like you know it does. Unable to bear the loneliness, Ager finally took to the sky. High above, the open air cradled him like starcloth ribbonettes. He felt peace in the deafening rush of wind across his feathers. Once he found them a new home, Rega would love him as he loved her. She would offer him the scepter their mother had crafted for him. The scepter that Rega selfishly kept. But as he approached the forest's edge, night fell and thunder shook his heart. Ager saw a great storm building on the horizon. Had he the scepter, he could have fought. Instead, he listened, straining through the thunder for the faint secondary beat of Rega's twin heart. Through lightning and chaos, he followed it home. Ager told Rega of the storm, the forest's edge, and gleaming bulbs of starlight clashing overhead. She didn't scold him, or tell Mother Kestrel. She listened, and heard the possibility in his tale. Gratitude... imagine that.

Queen Mara Sov: In another life, I'd have appointed Uldren dominion of the Reef's borderlands. To expand and connect the kingdom under my reign, Ager's scepter in hand. He would have used it to open doors and challenge foes best left alone. He was not unlike a Guardian already. And he would have died before his time. Uldren's fall was a predetermined point. So I hid the scepter away and gave him something safe to chase. He often strayed from that path.

Tracing the Stars III — Step 4

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