Tracing the Stars IV: A Hollow Coronation

A Hollow Coronation — Step 3

After collecting the final set of 5 Atlas Skews, the Guardian is instructed to deliver them to the Caliburn Gatehouse.

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian enters the portal in the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M.

Caliburn Gatehouse, The Dreaming City

The Guardian installs the Atlas Skews into the fourth Atlas Terminal to sequence the Dozmary Vault's current coordinates. The navigational data sequence is integrated.

A Hollow Coronation — Step 4

Uldren Sov: Ager — much loved by the flock — convinced a great many to fly with the twins when they left the Hollow. He knelt before Rega and presented the crown of feathers their mother had crafted for her, and waited for her to respond in kind. She rose as queen, but did not gift Ager the scepter. His scepter. Despite everything, she still said he wasn't ready. It was a test of his will. Right? His devotion. One he would not fail. For he was patient. So patient. Together, the twins led the flock away from the oak's hollow, to carve new nests in distant boughs beyond the forest's edge. Ager flew far and wide at Rega's behest, always thinking of her test, and returned home with tales of all that he had seen. Dark clouds surrounded them. Fires burned within trees split by thunderous bolts. His twin kept his words close. Rega scattered prophetic bones and traced their curvature like weathered oaken bends. In them, the signs were clear: a great storm did indeed approach. They, in its path. And so they prepared themselves... for war. I wish... I wish you'd just give it to me. I could use it to help us face what we both know is coming. It doesn't even belong to you.

Queen Mara Sov: This coming storm he speaks of was the flashpoint. The Battle of Saturn against the Taken King. It was the shift from stability into dissonance. I failed to shape Uldren in accordance with my goals. But if I were to take all that he was and reveal that past to him now... Would he be my brother? Or is it only his echoes that remain? I see many of those same beginnings leading now to different ends. Tell me, would you be so forgiving if Crow carried more of Uldren with him? Would you still accept him?

The portal between the Terminals activates. The Guardian enters it.

Dozmary Vault, The Dreaming City

As the Guardian approaches Ager's Scepter a barrier around it manifests. The Guardian is blocked from claiming the Scepter.

Queen Mara Sov: A defensive ward has been engaged over the scepter. It is a failsafe to keep it protected. Either my brother found this place without my knowledge and set it off... or the ward was engaged when the surrounding architecture suffered structural damage. There is a bypass. It is code kept secret, in that it has been scattered across dozens of terminals throughout the Awoken territory. Fret not. You don't have to collect them. I will have the pieces consolidated and reformed. While you wait, you needn't stand idle like a lost child. Return to me. My borders are threatened.

A Hollow Coronation — Step 5

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