Under Siege

Ghost: You heard Osiris. We need to get to the Veil before Calus and his Shadow Legion. Let's get in the city. I'll open a radio channel with Nimbus.

Ghost: This city is impressive.

Nimbus: That's Neomuna for ya. You should see it in the CloudArk.

Ghost: Cloud… Ark?

Nimbus: It's where all of Neomuna's citizens live virtually. I keep the city and their slumbering bodies safe—

Osiris: We shouldn't get distracted. Securing the Veil before Calus is the most important task. Do not delay.

Nimbus: Looks like all the commotion made the Vex crawl out of their pesky little hidey holes around the city.

Osiris: That's the least of our concerns right now. Push forward, Guardian.

Nimbus: Well, tiny problem on top of that. Seems like the Shadow Legion put up a couple of barriers between you and your goal. I managed to ping a keycard using the city's tech that might work with the barrier. I'll keep looking around for more, but you can start there.

Ghost: One down. How many more do we need, Nimbus?

Nimbus: I'm tracking down the last few as we speak, and… Actually, it looks like they're on their way to you, Lightbearer!

Ghost: The Shadow Legion really did a number on this data. So much of it is corrupted.

Nimbus: That's different than the Vex corruption attempts I'm used to. Let's find ourselves a workaround.

Osiris: So long as we don't waste any more time. Calus's forces are occupying enough of your city.

Nimbus: Seems like your little friend drew some unwanted attention.

Ghost: The Shadow Legion's Pyramid tech is more complex than I thought. Keep them off of me while I override this.

Nimbus: Here, let me just take a quick look.

Ghost: I got it.

Nimbus: It's no big deal; it's a complex system—

Ghost: I'm fine. I just feel a little… off.

Osiris: We'll be lucky if the Witness doesn't have the Veil in its possession already.

Nimbus: Are you always this much fun?

Osiris: "Fun" is not my concern right now.

Nimbus: With the amount of power the Veil has, I think it can hold its own a little longer.

Nimbus: You're a hop, skip, and a couple rooftops away from the Veil, Lightbearer!

Ghost: The closer we get, the more I feel… strange.

Ghost: [groans] Something is wrong. I feel drained. Some of our powers are gone. What is this device?

Osiris: It appears to be some sort of paracausal disruptor. I shall research it more to find a weakness, but for now, carry on.

Ghost: Our powers are still being blocked by this energy! Hopefully Osiris can find a way to destroy these things, but for now, let's take this guy down the old-fashioned way.

Ghost: That's a lot of Shadow Legion…

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