Wayfinder's Voyage I: The Plan

The H.E.L.M., The Tower

The Plan

The Guardian faces a transmitter next to the Wayfinder’s Compass; a hologram of Petra Venj appears.

Petra Venj: Queen Mara has already told you we must recover our lost Techeuns in order to free Savathûn from her servitude to the worm gods. I will tell you how. Imagine the universe as a set of coins, stacked one on top of the other. The top coin is our reality. The bottom: the Ascendant Plane. Between them lies an intermeshing of ever-shifting pathways known as the Ley Lines. Almost all the ancient pathways are now defunct, but beings of paracausal ability can navigate and rebuild them. This is the art of Wayfinding. We know our lost Techeuns are stranded somewhere among the Ley Lines, and they're leaving us markers to follow. I'm forwarding you the coordinates to the first marker. It should tell us which Ley Line to look in. Then we'll use the Blind Well to tear open a rift and send you through to find them. Xivu Arath is desperate to capture her sister. Her forces, which now include the Taken, will attempt to stop you at every turn. Listen. I know your Crow intends to accompany you. Mara also wants him close. Our Techeuns went to retrieve Queen Mara on my orders. This can't fail. Not because of him.

Bridge Between Worlds

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