Battle of Twilight Gap

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A battle in the recent history of the City, and the greatest battle ever to take place there.1

Prior to the start of the Battle of Twilight Gap, Queen Mara Sov of the Reef intercepted the House of Wolves, who were on their way to Earth. This prevented the House of Wolves from taking part in the battle, and culminated in the Reef Wars. See The Maraid.

The remaining Fallen houses, led by the House of Devils,2 united on the perimeter of the City. Walkers exchanged artillery fire with the City's gun positions. One such gun position became overrun by Fallen, and many Guardians died holding the line.[^4]

As the tide of the battle turned in favour of the City some Guardians pushed forward to counterattack, led by Lord Shaxx.

In the aftermath, most of the outer sections of the City were abandoned or converted into fortifications.3

Following the battle, Lord Shaxx petitioned the Vanguard to set up the crucible as a training ground for Guardians so that the City would be better prepared for any future attacks. One of the first areas dedicated for use in the crucible was the gun position that had been overrun by the Fallen. The arena was named Twilight Gap in honor of the battle.

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