Battle of Twilight Gap

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Twilight Gap was one of the City’s greatest battles, taking place around the perimeter of the City.1

Prior to the battle, the Awoken discovered that all of the Fallen houses were communicating with each other, and suspected that they were uniting to attack the Last City.2 When the Fallen House of Wolves were making their journey from the Jovians to Earth, they stopped at Ceres in the Reef, where Mara Sov intercepted them.3 This prevented the House of Wolves from taking part in the battle and culminated in the Reef Wars.

The remaining Fallen houses, led by the House of Devils, united on the perimeter of the City.4 Walkers exchanged artillery fire with the City's gun positions.5 One such battery became overrun by Fallen, and many Guardians died holding the line.1

Lord Saladin led the City’s defense during the battle.6 During the battle, Saladin ordered all fireteams to retreat, saying that the City was lost.7 Lord Shaxx ignored the order and led his fireteam on a final push on the Wall, which provided the momentum needed to reclaim the city.8 Following Shaxx’s actions, his relationship with Saladin became strained.6

Ana Bray was presumed dead after the battle.9

In the aftermath, many of the outer sections of the City were abandoned and converted into fortifications.10

Following the battle, the Crucible changed from a place to settle bets into a place where Guardians could better themselves.11 Fearing another such battle would destroy the City, Shaxx chose to stay in the City to train Guardians in the Crucible.12

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