Empire Hunt: The Warrior

Asterion Abyss, Europa

The Guardian follows Phylaks's coordinates.

Variks: Phylaks found fame at Twilight Gap, yes? [insect-like chattering] Fame for ruthlessness. For final deaths. For Phylaks, there is no greater joy than battle. You must challenge her, but use caution, Guardian.

The Guardian finds the Vex and House Salvation Fallen fighting each other. Riliks, House Salvation appears. Abstract Hydra appears. The Guardian defeats all Fallen and Vex in the area.

The Nexus, Europa

Phylaks: They say you are a great warrior.


If you completed Zero Hour

Phylaks: And you have challenged Eramiskel once before.


If you completed the Rise of Iron Campaign in D1

Phylaks: The "Young Wolf."


If you completed the Taken King Campaign in D1

Phylaks: Destroyer of Oryx.

Phylaks: But I think you are built with machine-weakness. God-dependence. You flee from battles you think you will lose. Prove you are worth my time.

Ghost: What did Phylaks mean by "god dependence"? The Traveler? I don't feel dependent on or limited by the Traveler. I feel close to the Traveler. Protected. Or… I did. Since you got that Splinter… I feel further away than ever.

Principle Wyvern appears. The Guardian defeats all Vex and Fallen. The Guardian disables the Vex barrier and proceeds forward.

Phylaks: What drives you, Machine-spawn? Do you fight for glory? For power? My Eliksni fight for the fight itself. There is nothing beyond it. Let me teach you this lesson.

Well of Infinitude, Europa

Deniks, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats Deniks and the surrounding Fallen. Heavy Shank, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats the Heavy Shank and disabled the Fallen barrier.

Ghost: I've never seen the Fallen's military forces so… organized.

Variks: For many years, Eliksni lived scattered, yes? [insect-like chattering] Eramis took our broken Houses and forged an army.

Ghost: And she wants to give that army Stasis. If they ever came for the Last City…

Two Harbinger Wyverns appear. The Guardian defeats the Harbinger Wyverns including surrounding Vex and Fallen, and disabled the Vex barriers.

Phylaks: I see now you are a worthy challenge. A chance to hone my blade. Come find me, Machine-spawn. I am waiting.

The Guardian descends into the next area. Brig, House Salvation appears.

Ghost: Another one of those giant mechs.

Variks: Technology taken from the Kell's Scourge. Another splintered house, united under Eramis.

The Guardian defeats the Brig.

Phylaks: I will bring your corpse to Eramiskel. I will forge myself a ring from your armor.

The Guardian weakens Phylaks and Phylaks retreats to the next platform.

Phylaks: Surprising strength for such a little creature!

The Guardian weakens Phylaks and Phylaks retreats to the final platform.

Phylaks: Your skill will earn you a quick death!

A Crux of Darkness appears. The Darkness beckons… the Guardian becomes empowered with Stasis. The Guardian defeats Phylaks, the Warrior.

Enhanced Splinter of Darkness

Ghost: Variks, Phylaks is down.

Variks: Her soldiers will scatter. But there are other powerful Eliksni that will stand in your path. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost: Destroying the general doesn't destroy the army. But this is a start, at least. Let's get that Splinter back to camp.

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