Cinder Pinion Gauntlets

Ikora Rey still holds the record for most consecutive victories in the Crucible. No one else has come close.

It was the morning of the new Crucible season when the shout echoed through the Tower.

Master Rahool flinched, fumbling his engram.

Commander Zavala looked up from his desk.

Kadi 55-30 hurried to steady a haphazard pile of shipments.

In the Hangar, a flock of well-fed pigeons took wing.


Cinder Pinion Helm

Category: Cinder Pinion Suit (Titan)

Cinder Pinion Plate

Chapter 9: The Return

Category: Ikora Rey

Cinder Pinion Gloves

Chivalric Fire

Category: Zavala

Cinder Pinion Gloves