Europa – 6

"How could they chop off their own heads?" Saint-14 interjected. "It makes no sense. They would die halfway through."

"Well," Glint replied, "they could have built some kind of device. A guillotine, maybe?"

Saint-14 held up his massive paws. "I have seen many heads removed. Some with my own hands. But never have I seen anyone remove their own head, not even an Exo."

"I respect your commitment to this research," Geppetto said. "But unfortunately, there's no hard evidence supporting your claims."

Glint's shell flaps sagged. "What about the similarities between all the sightings?"

"Bah," Saint-14 scoffed. "People say many things. You should hear what the Eliksni say about me…" He looked at the floor and scuffed his feet. "Not everything you hear is true."

"I'm happy that you're taking time to rest," Geppetto said, bobbing encouragingly. "After everything you and Brother Crow have been through, it's well deserved. Just… don't get your hopes up."

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