Never falter, never break.

REP #: 18020-VIP-2029
SUBJ: Eliksni Quarter VIPs

1. We've intercepted an internal communication within the Eliksni Quarter between VIP #1889, the Spider, formerly known as the Baron of the Tangled Shore, and prior to that, Rakis of the House of Wolves, and VIP #4143, Eido, Scribe of the House of Light and adoptive daughter of VIP #3987, Mithrax, "Kell of Light." The conversation regards VIP #2029, Eramis the Shipstealer.

2. This communication between #4143 and #1889 took place over an encrypted connection between a Botza District terminal and a personal datapad owned by #4143. It was not difficult to access. Security protocols should be reviewed and relayed to #3987 to avoid any future external data breach.

3. Communication has been transcribed below. Background noise and nonverbal communication is described in annotations.

SPI: Scribe.
EID: Spider.
SPI: Well, now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way…

Note: Here the recording captures two seconds of muffled noise and an indistinct sound, possibly of several large, heavy objects dropped on a tile floor.

EID: Now's not a good time.
SPI: I don't care. I know what you're up to. You're not covering your tracks, and the Vanguard won't like you looking into Eramis's whereabouts.

Note: Here the recording captures approximately three seconds of silence.

EID: W-Well… I can't imagine the Vanguard would like what you're doing, either! Shall I tell them?
SPI: Hah! Is this your first blackmail? Very sloppy, little Scribe. Come now, we're past this. You know I have your best interests at heart.

Note: Here the recording captures one second of short, barked laughter from VIP #4143.

EID: I don't believe—
SPI: That's not my problem. Why are you looking for Eramis? I've told you she isn't listening.
EID: Eramiskel has lost a great deal of support—
SPI: Yes, yes. Her House is in shambles. What else?
EID: I had hoped—
SPI: This again?
SPI: She's gone. For good this time. No House, no Witness. And from what I hear, even Xivu Arath has given up on her.
EID: That's precisely why—
SPI: Do you know your father talked to me about this obsession of yours? He wants this to stop, but he also knows you won't listen to him.
EID: What? But she saved his life!
SPI: And the debt is paid. Give up, Eido! It's pathetic. She doesn't care about you. She never has.

Note: Here the recording captures eleven seconds of high-pitched wheezes punctuated by a staccato clicking noise from VIP #4143.

SPI: Don't—I didn't—
EID: You might not see the good in people, but I do. And I will never give that up. I don't want to live in a world where no one can change, and nothing can get better. Eramis needs to know that, and I won't stop trying to tell her.

Note: Here the recording captures two seconds of a rolling, filtered sigh from VIP #1889.

Communication ceases.

4. I advise continuing to monitor #4143's personal logs. Any unauthorized and unsupervised contact with House Salvation could have dire consequences.

5. Additionally, I advise approaching EKS-443 for greater cultural context on Eliksni non-verbal communication.


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