Putting the pace in "carapace."

"So there she was," Glint continued, "lost deep beneath the Hellmouth, hunted by the Hive."

Immaru tilted forward, uncharacteristically rapt. Crow sat nearby, sipping an Ether Fizz. The Hive Ghost had made an offhand inquiry as to where Eris Morn got her third eye, and soon the trio were fully invested in Glint's campfire tale.

Glint lowered his voice ominously. "With her loyal Ghost, Brya, drained of his Light, Eris was left defenseless. Her final hope was the bone she'd been gifted by a grateful Ahamkara she saved from certain death once."

Crow cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Actually," he whispered to Glint, "I think she killed that Ahamkara…"

"And good thing, too," Glint continued without missing a beat. "Because in her time of need, the spirit of the Ahamkara whispered to her, offering the solution to her problems."

"Easy," Immaru interjected. "Ambush an Acolyte, rip its head off, and graft its eyes onto her face, right?"

Crow nodded grimly, while Glint rolled his eye. "No," the Ghost corrected Immaru. "The Ahamkara told her to befriend a certain Knight of Crota who was tired of serving the Darkness."

Crow choked on his Ether Fizz, dissolving into a coughing fit. "That's not quite—"

"Eris found the Knight, and they quickly forged a bond of friendship," Glint pressed on. "The Knight taught her an ancient Hive spell to help her grow her very own third eye! In exchange, Eris helped the Knight free himself from Crota's service. Together they fought through a whole army of Hive and escaped as allies."

"So, you're telling me," Immaru asked, narrowing his iris, "that Eris Morn escaped Crota's clutches with the power of friendship?"

After an uncomfortable pause, Crow sighed. "It's close enough… I suppose."

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