Luna – 1

"I've looked beyond this reality," said Eris Morn, lacing her hands together in front of her face. "Beyond Light and Darkness."


"I've seen Ahamkara, slain by my own blade. I've seen time broken, and the veil of causality sundered."


"I've seen my fireteam murdered, and their phantoms manifested to torment me." Eris stared off into the middle distance. "I've seen many things I wish I could forget."

"You've really seen it all," Glint said. "And blindfolded!"

Eris's focus shifted back to the Ghost floating before her. "But in all my time, the one thing I have never seen…"

She leaned forward with such deliberate purpose that Glint tilted backward. "…is a pumpkin-headed creature with flames shooting out of its face."

"But what if—"

"Not even once, Little Light," Eris said with finality. "Not even on the Moon. I would have remembered."

Leviathan's Breath

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Mask of the Great Hunt

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