Mask of the Fulminator

"How does one convince a creature of pure, sentient energy to pledge her loyalty? The agency to leave home is intoxicating for anyone." — Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Calus gestured towards the crackling Arc storm before him. The energy mass shivered, tethered to a golden spindle in the center of the chamber.

"You are marvelous," he said to the Arkborn. His eyes drank in the flickering light, reflecting nothing. "You will cast a glorious Shadow."

A panel on the wall lit up in Cabal: THIS SHIP IS TINY.

The emperor threw his head back and guffawed. "Compared to the interstellar conduits of your people anything would seem small. The Leviathan is formidable in its own right, I assure you."


"Of course. You are all I need. Your very presence eviscerates flesh." He gestured, and a metallic shell lowered from the darkness above. Now the Fulminator was free to walk the decks of her new flagship.

Mask of Sekris

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Wraps of the Fulminator

Helm of the Ace-Defiant

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Wraps of the Fulminator