Promised Reign Cloak

"I turn, and there she is. Radiant."

—-Inside you, the Kestrel and the Crow tangle in a bid for dominance. Hunter, you are ensnared, but you need not fear. We come to pry the trap open. We free you from your gilded prison; a cell bathed in light and glowing as if it would somehow fill the vast emptiness around it. Guilt follows you like a long shadow cast in the setting sun. In darkness, there is no shadow to fear.

The children of Sol would force upon you the wretched title of "Vanguard," a title made famous by thieves and murderers. We do not offer you equality… we offer you sovereignty. We would make you king.

Here, you are King Uldren, a Kestrel who slays the Crow and takes to the skies, triumphant. You are no longer a specter living in the shadow of an unfeeling sibling. The sun rises to greet you, the earth beneath your feet bends to your every whim.

Would you not stay… and see your sunrise?—-

Iron Forerunner Vestments

Category: The Crow

Sojourner's Tale


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