After that, Uldren and Fikrul part ways, for a time.

Fikrul goes to his bloody work, reshaping Fallen society the way a hammer reshapes a spider—and drawing certain useful elements to him.

Uldren resumes his lonely search for Mara. He remembers a time long ago—scouting with the Crows, scouting with a young Corsair who wanted nothing more than to be defined by her wrath…

Perhaps Petra can be saved, too.

He finds her in Thieves' Landing. What is she doing here? Mara never would've stooped to this, trading information with a criminal in the lowest places of—

"So few of us remain," he tells her, and in that moment, seeing the shame in her, he knows she is too far gone. She cannot be saved.

That night, he weeps for Petra. Mara comes to him in the darkness. She has heard his sorrow. He looks up in wonder: his sister, sending her will and wisdom to watch over him. He knows then that it will be all right.


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