Regarding Crota, Son of Oryx

My Queen,

The worst is upon us. I'm afraid… struggling to control my emotions, my Queen. But it is not fear that provokes me.

Uncontrollable rage fills me as the Nightmare of Crota returns to taunt me for my failures once again. I am always failing.

The countless lives taken during the Great Disaster, my fireteam, and my own lost humanity—they have all come rushing back. I am trying in vain to stop a waterfall with a tree branch. I am overwhelmed. I fail again.

The Eater of Hope laid waste to world after world in his pursuit of the Traveler. My friends… His sword stole their Light. Their. Light.

There was never a path to forgiveness with Crota. He had to be… eradicated.

The peace I felt learning of his demise at the hands of Guardians was immeasurable. I took pleasure in his death. I relished in it.

The Darkness will win. I can sense it already.

I swore I would go on. I can no longer swear this. Always failing.

Relieve me.


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