Shadow's Bond

"The Fulminator could directly afflict the nervous system of the organics around her. She was pain in all its shades. I will miss her." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Jarus's fighter soared like a blade into the throat of the Dominus's command ship. They hoped it wouldn't matter. Jarus died on impact. The Shadows burst forth from his shattered vessel, the Fulminator leading the charge.

Every limiter on her armor was undone. The unrelenting fury of her being loosed onto the bridge would permanently disable her. She would still exist, but couldn't anchor herself or manipulate anything around her. She would scatter to the winds.

Navigation displays exploded in a shower of sparks as she passed. The storm she had become reached an apex of intensity, and she reached out to scores of Cabal and swallowed them and she felt them die. She wrapped Ghaul in her light, enervated him in bursts of flaring Arc. She was fading. He would die. Wouldn't he?

Robes of the Fulminator

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Penumbral Bond

Boots of the Fulminator

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Boots of the Fulminator

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Shadow's Mark