Shadow's Helm

"The mysteries of the universe lie before you. Unresolved. Threatening. You and I will face them together. As true Cabal." —Emperor Calus

I thank you for freeing Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer from his waking death beneath the Crown of Sorrow.

Speaking of which.

Don't your kind love to tempt Hive artifacts?

I've been familiarizing myself with Guardian histories, and they say one of you worshipped the Hive to the extent that he betrayed the Light. If this story isn't a sham, a Shadow of your Titan-tribe would be perfect for replacing Gahlran. I need someone hearty like you to carry the Crown in his place.

Will you wear it when I ask you? Because the day will come.

You don't have to answer right now. Think about it. And take this helm in its place for now.

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