To the Drifter


While your presence is often irritating and your odor repellent, you have proved yourself quite knowledgeable regarding our foes. As Darkness appeared, you did not flinch. Your assistance during its arrival was greatly appreciated.

Under normal circumstances, I would belittle you and tell you how one such as yourself is unworthy of the position you find yourself in. But nothing is normal during these times, and I accept any ally willing to see past the antiquated philosophy we have sustained ourselves on for so long. You too acknowledge the need for balance during this time of extremes. Need I remind you our actions must reflect this. Your unpredictable nature has no place here. We must remain steady in our convictions, no matter what the Vanguard or the Guardians say. Keep your ears open. Should forces gather against us, it is paramount that we outmaneuver any counter to our plans.

We are both accustomed to working alone. For this effort to be successful, we must cast aside selfish intentions and find common ground. Alone, we will collapse under the weight of this undertaking, and the Darkness knows how to exploit weakness. I know you feel it as well—the power Stasis brings. Does it frighten you? Even though I believe my grasp stronger than yours, I do not have any illusions regarding the Darkness. It will tear through your lack of conviction faster than you can abandon the cause.

I am curious, however, as to your feelings toward the Stranger. You appear as a creature of instincts, and mine remain sharp. I am nagged by the sensation that she is not being entirely forthcoming, and much of her information is shrouded in speculative riddles. I believe her intentions are true, but I cannot separate myself from the uncertainty I feel. Where does your confidence lie? I suspect you do not trust anyone, myself included. Perhaps that is a trait worth adopting.

We will be tested in ways we are not prepared for. I hope you see the gravity of our charge, despite your consistent mockery and cynicism. This is no time for humor, though you may not have the capacity to process your emotions without it. It is wise to keep your comments to yourself. Invest in a journal for reflection when times are lighter.

And, lastly, I ask you to refrain from referring to me as "Moondust." Perhaps then I can overcome citing you as "Rat."

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