To the Stranger


You raise a great deal of suspicion in your ways, and your words harbor the weight of someone who has witnessed more than they let on. As one who has seen through the Darkness and into the void, I too know how to conceal unbearable truths.

Know this: truth is eternal. Run from it as long as you can. It will catch up.

You speak of events that have not come to pass with a certainty that unsettles my mind, yet your purpose here feels obfuscated and opaque. Secrecy will not galvanize our cause. It will fester and rot away our cores until our enemies eviscerate our hollowed and putrid husks.

Occasionally, I sense you may be afraid. Of the future? The past? Of me? Share your secrets, for then there will be nothing to fear, and the Darkness will have one less weakness to exploit against us.
Drifter raises other concerns about our coalition. I sense our allegiance to be a precarious one, each of us out of our element, though we all stand to lose far more than we gain through betrayal. If our dedication to the cause does not waver, we will see the other side of this Collapse.

The bonds we have formed outside of our alliance must not break. We must continue our efforts to convince those opposed to our work that it will be the foundation for our preservation. Our hope lies in a collective unity, though we must also ensure that none shall inhibit our growth or progress, no matter where the opposition lies. I fear for what that entails. I too have trepidations regarding the path we are on. Even as I feel our power swell, there is still temptation rife with destructive potency in Stasis. What else could it unlock inside of us…

In these unorthodox times, I look to the Darkness and our enemies. See how it empowers them, while it toys with us? Oryx would never have led the Taken without its guidance. Eramis's army has been a vile, deadly force due to its influence. We should learn from their examples. It will subjugate us all if we allow it, so we must spread our message of balance through the Dark. We must show our control—or we too will be lost in the shadow it casts. Now is the time to rise up and take command. Use its power to eliminate the puppets in its grasp. If we are successful in our instruction, through discipline, Guardians will harness the long-dormant power within, without fear of corruption. They will listen to you, Stranger, as they have before. Be their lodestar for hope.

That is our path to eradicating those who misuse the Darkness. Through our singular focus and unparalleled strength, our enemies will fall by our hand, and the unending night will give way to a dawn not seen since the Golden Age.

Is that not what we are fighting for?

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