To Osiris


I fear this letter may never reach you, old friend. Your disappearance is as mysterious and unexplained as the loss of the planets we suffered. I write to you because we are in the midst of a new era. You predicted this turning point long before it was on the horizon, and we are in need of your wisdom, now more than ever before.

You will be pleased, or mortified, to know you were correct. Balance is the only true way. You have seen the scales tip firsthand; too much in either direction has never resulted in the harmony we hope to achieve.

The Vanguard is dubious of our intent and ability, fearing corruption and displacement. They do not trust me. You were held in similar contempt for speaking your truth and empowering free thought. You know what it feels like to be chastised and labeled a traitor. We are mere steps away from a disintegration of our institutions, and they cannot see destruction staring them in the face.

We have been manipulated from all sides. Savathûn has played the Darkness as an instrument of deceit, while the Vanguard has used the Light to blind us. There was power in between, kept from our grasp. No longer. Ikora wavers. She stares at the precipice, unwilling to fall into the abyss. We can no longer wait for her to make a choice. While it pains me greatly, this is not the time for personal feelings to factor into actions. I have allied with those branded unsavory and have taken the power the Darkness holds to oppose it. It cannot oppress that which it does not control.

For so long, we have clung to the Light, denying the strength offered by the Dark. By using Stasis, we will end this war. We see this contest for what it truly is: a game, played by our adversaries. And we have been the pawns.

We are pawns no more.

This is not a battle I want to wage without you, although we may not have a choice in the matter. Wherever you may be, please come back to us.

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