To the Witch Queen

You believed yourself clever, unassailable, and omniscient. For too long, you were. Manipulating and pulling at our strings, howling at our failings. The Black Needle punctured our deficiencies, injecting fear and doubt into our cause.

You have grown greedy, Witch. Your ambition has forced you to overextend your reach. You have revealed your weaknesses and, through Stasis, I have become powerful enough to rid us of your curse on existence. We control the Darkness and the Light now, and it will be your undoing. Your hands are wet with the blood of my allies. I have not forgotten the suffering your meddling has caused. We saw you, the puppet master behind Oryx's plot. We heard your screams as Crota met his end. Your cowardice will conceal you no longer.

I am coming for you.

I will be your end. As your elders before you and your progeny after you fall, and all that surrounds you crumbles, Eris Morn will stand in front of you, smiling as I wipe your name from the Pantheon of Gods. You will suffer a humiliating defeat as your power dwindles and your influence withers.

We will laugh at your demise. You will become a fascination. Children will sing songs and tell cautionary tales of the old witch whose avarice deprived her of her desires. You will fade into fable and, eventually, nothing. A bygone dream of pains no more.

Do you understand this clearly, Savathûn?

We are no longer forced to endure your torture. There is no veil for you to hide behind. We see you plainly. Your orchestration has led to too many foul notes. All your attempts to subjugate this power have failed.

You are a plague, and we are the cure. Your army will be eradicated, and the Hive will be a layer of dust, cushioning our footsteps. Trust me—you will hate it.

I find myself giddy at these thoughts. Revenge suits me, it seems. I no longer know fear. I am overcome with certainty. When next we come face-to-face, I will remove the bandages that shield me, so I may see you for all you are and all you are not. And you will see me and know that the fire that burns behind my eyes will be your oblivion, suffocating and searing you to ash.

Prepare yourself. I am your ruin.

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